Ye White Hart, Richmond upon Thames

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Ye White Hart, Richmond upon Thames

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The Terrace, Barnes (SW13), Greater London

  • Locals knew it Ye Olde White Hart establishment as the King’s Arms until 1662. It became Ye White Hart in the mid-1700s, a popular pub name from the reign of Richard 2nd.Originally, this was a large square building and rebuilt over a century ago in its present architectural form. Many inquests were held in the building from the 17th century and bodies from the river were stored in the old cellars for the Coroner to attend. Both the cellars and ballroom are haunted. ‘There is both poltergeist and ghost activity in the cellars. Several of the female bar employees have gone down and come out terrified. There is also the ghost of a man in a khaki uniform in the ballroom’.


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