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Ye Three Olde Tuns, Waveney

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Earsham Street, Bungay, Suffolk

  • This has to be almost top of the list for the number of ghosts and apparitions resident in any inn. They claim to have at least twenty-four different ones. Some lay dormant for years, with then make their presence felt. The most active here is that of a man who worked in the pub, with killed his wife and her lover in 1682. His ghost was contacted during a séance. It is admitted what he had done before hanging himself from a beam. He said his name was Rex Bocon. During the séance, Bocon admitted stealing treasure from a parish church, where his father was vicar, with hiding it at the inn. He appears on frequent occasion, with a most unhappy and mournful, face. Another is the earthbound spirit of a highwayman, Tom Hardy. He used the pub as his HQ before he went out on his violent crimes. It was eventually arrested, tried and hanged. Following his execution, he returned to the pub as a ghost. He is still seen in various parts of the pub. Hardy’s phantom is observed wearing a long black coat, tricorne and pistols at his belt.


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