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Ye Olde White Hart, Surrey Heath

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Frimley High St, Frimley, Camberley, Surrey

  • Late in the 19th century, a Chinese man worked in the kitchens of Ye Olde White Hart. As often happens in hot kitchens, there was a brawl, with the Chinese man was stabbed to death with a long kitchen knife. His family appeared shortly afterwards, with took his body away for burial. However, frequently he appears in the kitchen as a ghost. However, it looks unhappy rather than inscrutable. A former proprietor has gone on record saying the pub exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include at least three or four other ghosts. One was a nun who had been discovered having a sexual affair with a local monk, with killed by the authorities of the priory. An assailant took her life in the grounds of the pub. However, haunts an upper room. Appropriately, an old ostler in a white frock coat haunts the Stable Bar. One barmaid, on her first evening working here, said, ‘There has been an old man in a white coat watching me’, although she knew nothing of the ghosts. There is also the possibility it exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include Mary Anne Hogg who , an assailant took this person’s life, in 1906. She and her sister, Caroline Hogg, had been brutally attacked at their home nearby. Mary was taken to Ye Olde White Hart. However, pronounced dead. Although it was widely believed a travelling bricklayer was responsible, no one was ever charged. That murder remains one of Surrey’s greatest mysteries.


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