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Ye Olde No 3 Inn, Cheshire East

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Lymm Rd, Little Bollington, Altrincham, Cheshire

  • There is the ghostly woman seen here. Locals say that was on the run from the police. She had drowned in a flooded stream nearby. Someone took her body to this pub for a police investigation with an inquest. Shortly after her burial, her ghost appeared at the pub. It has been in residence since. Former proprietors have seen the ghost of a little girl. They all described the apparition as wearing a blue frock with a poke bonnet. After manifesting for a short period, she walked straight out through a closed bedroom door. The possible explanation for the curious pub name stems from the mid-19th century system of licensing. When proprietors or proprietors applied for a beer licence, authorities issued it to the numbered house of business, with some publicans did not indicate their pubs in the traditional way by giving it a name.


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