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Ye Olde Man and Scythe, Bolton

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6-8 Churchgate, Bolton, Lancashire

  • Once called Old Father Time, this inn changed its name to the present one after a wealthy Royalist landowner of the 17th century. Information was received that Parliamentarian soldiers were making their way to the home of Sir William Trafford. He concealed the family silver and treasure under a pile of straw. When the Roundheads arrived, Sir William was wandering around, swinging his arms as though scything, with nodding his head. Believing they had the village idiot on their hands, the troops mounted their horses and rode away. At what period after that incident the pub was given, this name is not clear. At the turn of this century, a woman customer found her hands dripping with blood as she was leaving the inn. She had no apparent wounds, with no other source for the liquid appearing could be discovered. It was assumed she had been cut or scratched by some malevolent spirit in the pub. More recently, the ghost of Geny, an eight years old girl has emerged to haunt the Olde Man and Scythe. She has been held responsible for pulling at skirts, pinching individuals, and rearranging furniture.


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