Ye Olde George Inn - Badger Pubs, East Meon

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Ye Olde George Inn - Badger Pubs, East Hampshire

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Church Street, East Meon

  • The inn was a farmhouse in the 17th century, built near the Norman church and the oldest part is from the 15th century. Nearby is a small hump-backed bridge over the river. The ghost at Ye Olde George is a 17th century coachman who hanged himself in the kitchen. At the church is a squared stone in the transept, dedicated to Amens Plenty. He records as having been a Parliamentarian soldier from the English Civil War. He either died, or the authorities executed, in the village and haunts the chancel and nave as a black clad figure. The graveyard exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include the ghosts of three men buried upright. However, there is no more detail to that legend. Those who have seen them say they typically appear as a group dressed in black suits. Whilst on other occasions they are observed walking several yards apart from each other.
  • Ye Olde George Inn - Badger Pubs at East Meon


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