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Ye Olde Black Boy, Kingston upon Hull City

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150 High Street, Hull, North Humberside, Yorkshire and the Humber

  • This is a curious name for this pub, considering that the politician, William Wilberforce, born at Hull, fought against the slave trade and trafficking of captured black people. Although it is a widespread pub name throughout the country, it sometimes referred to chimney sweeps or the Negro page boys, who once accompanied fashionable folk. It was however, named for a curious and almost prosaic reason. At one point, a local tobacconist and snuff seller had the figure of an Indian chief outside his shop, with employed a Moroccan youth as an errand boy. This boy, dressed in a turban and shorts, surrounded by palm trees and a beach, appears on the pub signboard. The legend is that the inn name was inspired by these two characters. The pub was once connected to the docks via secret tunnels, with used extensively by smugglers. One stormy day, the tunnels flooded with seawater, with several smugglers drowned and they now haunt the pub. Poltergeists have been active, with bottles soaring from shelves. Numerous people have seen vaporous hands materialise through the panels of the interior wall. Others have felt ghostly arms emerge from a particular spot near the fireplace, with wrap around individuals sitting there. Several customers have seen a strangely dressed man walk out of the lavatories, with directly through the bodies of people. On one occasion, a new proprietor arranged chairs and tables around to his own liking. In the morning, he came down to find they had all been restored to their previous positions. Out on the street, there , witnesses have seen, a group of spectral men, dragging another man towards the harbour.


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