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William IV, Epsom and Ewell

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19 High St, Ewell Village

  • Numerous local residents have heard a ghostly coach and horses clatter through the streets of Ewell, with stop outside the William 4th. They have observed the ghosts of several people step down to the pavement, with walk through a locked door into the pub. This occurs when it is late at night, with the pub is closed. Nearby, at the old town lock-up, several ghosts have , witnesses saw, to gather as a group. There is no history behind this. However, there have been accounts over the years that several men died whilst incarcerated there. The town is further haunted by the ghosts of several young children. They are reputed to be victims of a 17th century plague. A group of these are seen dancing among the gravestones of St Mary the Virgin churchyard.


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