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White Horse Inn, Ashford

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The Square, Chilham, Canterbury, Kent

  • This White Horse was a thatched farmhouse in 1422. Subsequently, it became an alehouse. According to reports from previous vicars, people used by the church for festivals, weddings and funerals, or arvils, as they were , locals knew,. Half a century ago, two skeletons , people found, buried at this elegant pub. According to forensic evidence, these had been soldiers killed at the Battle of Chilham in 1381, from Wat Tyler’s revolutionary army. These two long dead soldiers have haunted the pub since, with reported to be dressed in tattered uniforms. Those who have seen them say their manifestation is accompanied by the sounds of creaking leather. The apparition of an elderly man, in clerical garb, is observed standing at the fireplace, his hands clasped behind his back, at ten o’clock each morning. A former vicar , witnesses report, to have committed suicide here, many years ago, with returns to haunt the White Horse.


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