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White Hart, Colchester

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342 London Road, Stanway, Colchester, Essex

  • With history from the 13th century, the White Hart is the oldest pub on the island. Despite many alterations over the years, there are still indications of its age, particularly in the saloon bar. There is also an ancient small stained glass window, which has now been concealed. One bedroom exhibits ghostly manifestations. These include a honeymoon couple from 150 years ago, who checked out, left by pony and trap. When they reached The Strood, a powerful wind blew up. It frightened the horses and pitched them into the water, where they drowned. Their bodies were taken back to the White Hart for the authorities to attend. There is another ghost, outside the White Hart, a woman wearing a tall hat with a stick under her arm, with sitting on a wall. A rather splendid story is recounted of a retired general who used the pub more frequently than his wife would have liked. He used to stay after legal hours. She died while he was out drinking. Now her ghost haunts the White Hart, wearing a blue velvet gown and carrying a blue velvet muff.


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