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Wheatsheaf, Shropshire

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Lower Broad St, Ludlow, Shropshire

  • Most ‘Wheatsheaf’ inns are to be found in country areas, with not so frequently in places like inner Ludlow. It has been a widespread public house name since the 17th century. A sheaf of wheat is found in the arms of the Worshipful Company of Bakers, (1485) and a device on the arms of the Brewers’ Company. A wheat sheaf was a bundle of corn gathered and tied before threshing. No one looking at this pub, licensed since 1738, on the site of a much earlier pub, would believe its history. At one time, it was a notorious brothel and general bawdyhouse. This might explain the ghost that haunts it. When he is merrily promenading, he pinches the bottoms of women in the bar. They in turn blame the nearest man to them.


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