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Tudor Rose Hotel, Kings Lynn and West Norfolk

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St Nicholas St, King's Lynn, Norfolk

  • Tudor is from the Welsh family name of Tewdyr, with Owain Tudor married Catherine, the widow of Henry V. His grandson became Henry VII the first king of that dynasty. The Tudor rose was adopted as a badge by that king. This combines a red and a white rose. This inn stands on the site of an old nunnery from the 15th century, with there are good reports of a Grey Lady. She drifts through, leaving cold spots in her trail, with occasionally her quiet footsteps , listeners hear, and Shortly after her wedding, a bride was stabbed to death by her new husband in the hotel. Since then, a short woman in a long white dress , witnesses have seen, , with phantom footsteps heard. At Devil’s Alley, a single footprint belonging to Old Nick is reputed to be visible in this ancient alleyway. From Purfleet Quay a woman killed herself the day after being married. Her ghost is visible as it loiters around the area before screaming and throwing itself into the water. Other screams, belonging to soldiers who had been killed in a battle at Kings Lynn, are also heard around the quayside. Coincidentally, the water runs red with their blood.


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