Tudor House Hotel – RelaxInnz, Tewkesbury

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Tudor House Hotel – RelaxInnz, Tewkesbury

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High Street

  • The impressive Tudor House Hotel dates back to 1540 and is located on the banks of the River Avon. It is described as the most attractive building in Tewkesbury by the Society for the Preservation of Ancient Buildings. At one time, it was the courtroom for travelling magistrates. One of its resident ghosts is a woman dressed in a long white gown who haunts the staircase but disappears before reaching any door. The other is a black Labrador dog that witnesses have seen standing on the main staircase landing as though guarding it. On nearby Church Street witnesses have seen the ghosts of two boys walking on crutches but when they are noticed they disappear down an alleyway which ends at a high wall.
  • Tudor House Hotel – RelaxInnz at Tewkesbury


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