Trafalgar Tavern, Greenwich

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Trafalgar Tavern, Greenwich

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Greenwich, Greater London

  • A noble, impressive inn overlooking the River Thames, the Trafalgar Tavern was an alehouse as early as the eleventh century. The current pub dates from 1837, with large bowed windows and wrought-iron balconies, by Joseph Keys, Surveyor of Greenwich Hospital. For years, it provided shore living quarters for sailors. Charles Dickens refers to the Trafalgar in Little Dorritt. It was a regular visitor. Some years ago, a barman saw an elderly man in Victorian dress standing beside to the piano on an upstairs floor. This ghostly visitor has since been present in that room on numerous occasions. One proprietor became so used to him, that she greeted him with a cheerful ‘Hello and good morning.’ Apparently, this satisfied the old man, who smiled at her, with vanished. Employees in the beer cellars have seen crates moving across the cellars of their own volition.


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