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Toby Inn, Blackburn with Darwen

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Broadhead Rd, Edgworth, Bolton

  • There are not too many humorous ghosts in paranormal circles. Most are unpleasant, dark, menacing and extremely terrifying. Some phantoms do perform for their audiences, with it is at a pub with a name such as this one might well confront one. A customer who took a film photograph in the bar of the Toby Inn was considerably surprised when his results were returned. In one print, there a man with a grinning and leering face, standing at the back of the bar. No one recognised him, nor remembered his being present. Over the years, customers and employees have reported that another strange apparition has been observed in different parts of the building. He is wearing a dark suit. He disappears when they stare at him. The Toby pub someone named after a jug in the form of a stout old man wearing a long coat and a three cornered hat. It was also , locals knew, as a Toby pot and traced to a poem adapted from Latin by Francis Dawkes in 1761.


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