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Toastmaster Inn, Tonbridge and Malling

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65-67 Church St, Burham, Rochester, Kent

  • There have been local legends of this pub being haunted for many years. The snug bar was at one time part of a house next door, owned by a woman called Mabel. She spent much time in the Toastmaster assisting the proprietor. After she died, her cottage was acquired by the pub and converted into the snug bar and second kitchen. A plaque was placed on the wall above the bar in the corner where Mabel used to sit, proclaiming it as “Mabel’s Corner”. Since she died, there have been numerous reports of curious sounds, glasses moving of their own accord and sightings of a ghostly figure. In a photograph taken at a New Year party in 2001, with reflected in the glass of a picture on the wall, the ghost of Mabel appears. She appears to be a kindly woman, with grey hair brushed back and a beaming, happy smile.


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