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Three Swans Hotel, Harborough

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21 High St

  • When this appeared in the Domesday Book, it , witnesses describe, as an alehouse. However, it has changed little in the past three centuries. It is noted for being haunted by John Fothergill, a former proprietor , locals knew, as ‘the lost soul’. A painting of Fothergill hangs in a bar, that now bears his name, with the pub ghost is recognised from this. Reports maintain that it brings bad fortune if the picture of him over the mantelpiece is removed. Therefore, when refurbishments take place, it remains on the wall. Another ghost, not identified, has been witnessed in one bathroom on many occasions. The inn has formal history from 1517, when it locals knew it as ‘Ye Sygne of Swanne’. The three swans appear in the arms of Richard, Provost of Wales from the 15th century. The inn sign here is a superb piece of wrought iron workmanship from about 1700.
  • Three Swans Hotel at Market Harborough


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