The Woolpack Inn, Smeeth

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The Woolpack Inn, Ashford

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Church Road, Smeeth, Ashford, Kent

  • The original Inn on this site was built in the 1600s but was unfortunately destroyed by a fire. The new building was developed in 1937 and the car park now exists where the old building used to be. It is believed the original building was frequented by smugglers although it is unknown whether this fact is linked to any of the ghosts in the pub. At the last count, at least two ghosts are believed to haunt the Woolpack Inn. One is that of a girl, thought to be under the age of 10 and has been sighted in the bar area. Another is that of an elderly man seen near to the entrance of the pub. However, strange noises and fleeting, unexplained shadows have been spotted in the other rooms of the Inn.


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