The Whod Have Thought It, Yelverton

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The Whod Have Thought It, West Devon

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Milton Combe, Yelverton, Devon

  • This is not a common name for a pub. However, came about when it was an ale and beer house. The licensee applied for a spirits and wine licence. It was actually granted at the Brewster Sessions, against all belief. There are two other spirits here. These are more wraithlike and not so cheering. Local legend claims it is the earthly spirit of one Edward Bere. He is a ghostly cavalier who rings for service. The other is a former proprietor. The pub is 16th century. It was closely associated with Sir Francis Drake (1543-1596) who lived at Buckland Abbey nearby. Ancient lore has it that when Drake is needed to protect England, the conjurer beats his drum and he will awake.


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