The White Lion, London Colney

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The White Lion, St Albans

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St. Annes Road, London Colney, St Albans, Hertfordshire

  • It is an ancient and widespread name for pubs and refers to the heraldry of Edward 4th or the earls of March and the dukes of Norfolk. It is a classic Georgian, early Victorian style of building, with exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include the tragic figure of a woman awaiting her lover. Authorities hanged him on nearby gallows. However, she still sits at an upstairs window peering through, hoping against hope. Frequently a shadowy face appears peering into a bar through a small window. When this ghost manifests, drinkers with their backs to that window abruptly jump up and stare. They then maintain they had been gripped at the shoulder by a powerful hand. On the stair rail to the cellar, sporadically appears a solid hand that then dissolves away.


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