The White Hart, Wood Street Village

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The White Hart, Guildford

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White Hart Lane, Wood Street Village, Guildford, Surrey

  • An old village pub near the green, it has two resident indwells. One is a man who has been watched walking in, with then across to the bar, only to vanish. On one occasion, a previous proprietor , locals knew, as Old Tom saw him come in after closing time. The proprietor was talking to a barman at the time and said, "Tell him to bugger off, we are closed''. However, as they looked towards the door, no one was visible. A female ghost has been observed checking the cutlery layouts on tables, with on several occasions, the whole setting has been turned around. Some years ago, a large knife, hanging in the kitchen, abruptly started swinging back and forth. As the proprietor went to touch it, the knife stopped before he could get his hand to it. As the licensee said on my visit there, "It seems they come back every time there is a new proprietor, just to make sure we are running it properly.’’


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