The White Hart, Minster Lovell

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The White Hart, West Oxfordshire

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Burford Road, Minster Lovell, Witney, Oxfordshire

  • The ghost of a female teenager people hear sobbing and crying at this 15th century former coaching inn. She is , locals knew, as Rosaline or Rosalind, with when seen, she is wearing a misty veil. Rosaline was a Victorian girl who hanged herself in despair after a broken love affair. There have been accounts of glasses disappearing from the bar, coincidentally with weeping sounds in the background. A hand-bell, used in the pub to call time, has been set off well before drinking up time. On several occasions, barrels have been knocked from the stands in the cellar and they have held a poltergeist responsible. One Viscount Lovell hid out at Minster Lovell Hall during difficult political times, 1487, helped by an aged retainer who became ill. This manservant died before he could get help for the viscount, who starved to death in his hiding place, only to be discovered many years later. This was in 1718 when building work was undertaken, with his skeleton someone found sitting at a table with the bones of his dog at his feet.


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