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The White Hart Inn, Basingstoke and Deane

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367 Worting Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire

  • An interesting old inn, it is on three storeys with dormer windows and a fine porch entrance. It is clear the road outside was at least two feet lower than it is at present. This is evidenced by the level of the ground floor windows. When renovation took place in the 1960s, it released some of the ghostly inhabitants. This included the phantom sound of beer barrels being rolled along a gravel path. Hearing these sounds, one proprietor went to check for intruders. However, found nothing to have caused the problem. Footsteps , reporters have heard, around the pub during the night. These are reputed to be from two ghosts, a male and a female, patrolling the White Hart. In the 1970s, a proprietor’s mother awoke to see a female apparition in her room. This ghostly visitor was smoothing down her hair before disappearing. Then a live-in serving girl saw a blonde woman combing her hair in a mirror in her room, before dissolving into a mist.


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