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The White Hart, Bristol City

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Brislington Hill, Brislington, Bristol, Avon

  • Named after the heraldic symbol of Richard 2nd, the White Hart Inn has history from 1672. However, it is on the site of an earlier tavern. Parts of that medieval inn are still in the building. A title deed from 1715 contains a note maintaining that the ancient deeds relating to the inn had been lost. For the most part, the haunting here is of the poltergeist type. An entity has thrown Items about in bedrooms with plates smashed in the kitchen. An earlier proprietor nicknamed him ‘Aloysius’. There were many earlier stories that the ghost of a woman dressed in Victorian style servant’s clothing, including a starched cap with a pinafore, further haunts this pub. Since the 18th century, there has been legend that a man who murdered his brother. He walled-up the corpse haunts this pub. This phantom still makes the occasional appearance.


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