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The Three Pigeons, Shropshire

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Nesscliffe, Shrewsbury, Shropshire

  • It is rare that a pub can trace its ghost back to the 1400s. However, that is so at the Three Pigeons. It has history as a building to 1405, with the resident ghost is Sir Humphrey Kynaston, outlawed for murder in 1491. Declared an outlaw by Henry VII, he took to robbery, with hid out in a cave until 1518. He handed over part of his plunder to villagers, who remained silent as to his whereabouts. The pub is a long low building, mostly early Victorian, with Sir Humphrey had his own seat at the inglenook fireplace. When Sir Humphreys manifests, he , witnesses see, galloping through a hedge at the pub on his magnificent white horse, Beelzebub. A previous proprietor maintained he saw the ghost of the outlaw inside the pub, when he himself had lived there as a boy aged fourteen. The phantom was dressed in very old-fashioned clothing with a black cape. In one curious incident, a visitor took photographs on a digital camera. When she checked, there were images of three people on one frame who had not been present. These were an elderly man, a woman in her fifties and a small child. It was so detailed she could see the woman was smiling and the girl had curly hair.


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