The Three Bishops Inn, Brighstone

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The Three Bishops Inn, Isle of Wight

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Main Road, Brighstone, Newport, Isle Of Wight

  • Locals knew it once as the New Inn. It was renamed in 1973. This was after three previous local vicars who had been appointed bishops. One rector who served here was Samuel Wilberforce, son of William Wilberforce, MP, who became Bishop of Oxford. Bishop Thomas Ken wrote the immortal hymn, "Awake my soul and the sun", during his sojourn here between 1667 and 1669. It was Bishop of Bath and Wells. The third was George Moberley, Bishop of Salisbury. The ghost of Old Maggie Hawker, who was proprietor in the 1950s, is still in residence. She appears, muttering, with then disappears after unlocking doors.


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