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The Tally Ho, Barnet

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749 High Road, Finchley, London, Greater London

  • "My wife and I used to run the Tally Ho, pub in North Finchley, London back in the early 70's. It is an old coaching inn dating back many years. One night as we were locking up, we both heard the sound of a baby crying in the basement. On going down, we passed though a corridor which was freezing cold and made us both shiver and feel spooked. There was nothing to be found. The next day we told a customer about the incident. He later came back with a printed account of how the landlord of the pub, in early Victorian times, had made a barmaid pregnant. When she turned up with the baby and confronted the landlord, his wife took the baby and threw it down the stairs into the basement where it died. This story is absolutely true, believe me."


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