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The Tabard, Hounslow

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2 Bath Road, Chiswick (W4), Greater London

  • The tabard was a short-sleeved coat decorated with the coat of arms of a knight, with worn over the armour to show his identity and became associated with pilgrim pubs. The tabard was first used in Palestine to protect the knights’ armour in the desert heat. Chaucer and his pilgrims started their long road journey to Canterbury from another Tabard in southeast London that burned down in 1676. The Tabard, Chiswick, is a well-, locals knew, pub with a renowned theatre. It haunted since the late 19th century by an elderly woman. Often she is witnessed sitting at a table in the bar, dressed overall in black. She appears to be whistling. However, those who have seen her, say no sound people hear.


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