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The Swettenham Arms, Cheshire East

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Swettenham Ln, Swettenham Village, Congleton, Cheshire

  • It has a history from the 16th century. The haunted Swettenham Arms is a home to a very sad nun with four other ghosts. The ghostly nun has been around the village for many years. She most frequently appears near the 13th century parish church with rectory. In 1951, a former vicar, the Rev. Frank Rider, maintained he had seen this ghost on several occasions. Four church-going residents had also witnessed her. The legend then was that she had been killed because she broke her religious vows, with married a local man. The original pub had been built on the site of a nunnery. A couple were lunching here when the woman noticed the phantom of a nun standing beside the fireplace. This ghost appeared very sad with spoke to her. She told the woman her name had been Sarah, died when she was 35. She then dissolved into a wall, adjacent to the fireplace. During an investigation into the pub, a medium said that there were four ghosts here. These were a woman called Sarah Thorley, an itinerant worker called Ben from the early 1800s, a man called Henry, who said an assailant took his life either at the pub or nearby, with a 12 years old girl called Susannah.


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