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The Stag Inn, Brighton and Hove

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33 Upper Bedford Street, Brighton, East Sussex

  • At this three centuries old pub, the resident ghost has been given the nickname ‘Albert’. However, his ghostly appearances are not as comforting as his rather old-fashioned name. He appears on the stairs. Observers describe him by several licensees as being a tall, extremely thin man, dressed in a white shirt with black armbands around the sleeves, black trousers and a white apron. This could be the description of a waiter in high-class hotel or a well- dressed pub proprietor. When his ghostly apparition swings into violent action, Albert was , locals knew, by locals to throw barrels of beer around, with move mineral bottles into deep freeze boxes where they crack. Possibly his most clever deception was to empty a beer barrel without spilling a drop. Despite close investigation, no trace could be found of the missing liquid. A paranormal investigator from Lewes reported that the ghost was a previous proprietor who had gone into the cellar when it was dark. This man had caught his neck and throat on some hanging ropes, with had choked to death.


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