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The Royal Standard of England, Chiltern

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Brindle Lane, Forty Green, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire

  • It started life as an alehouse during the late Saxon period as Se Scip, the Ship, with is the oldest freehouse in England. During the English Civil War, the Roundheads executed 12 Cavaliers outside the pub, including a drummer boy aged 12. He is one of the ghosts that still haunt the inn. Reports claim it to be the invisible hand of that boy that tugs with pulls at sleeves as people eat. There have been descriptions of him as a thin, fair-haired boy. He appears to be moving to a sound that no one else can hear. Other apparitions include a shadowy woman who moves about in the women’s lavatory. There is a man who strides across a bar through a wall. There is also the ghost of a traveller who expired by a speeding coach in a narrow lane outside the pub. A mad young rake had driven this from the Four Horse Club. The Royal Standard is a fabulous inn with a warren of rooms furnished with church settles with a huge variety of artefacts. Above the King Charles Room is what appears to have been a minstrels’ gallery.


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