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The Royal Standard, Hastings

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Hastings Wall East Street, Hastings, East Sussex

  • At the Royal Standard, the legend of the ghost mermaid has been around for over 150 years. Witnesses see her peering through a window with mournful eyes. At one time, this was a favoured pub of anglers and sailors out of Hastings, with she may have followed one of them back to his hometown from some distant sea. Mermaids appear in British folklore as unlucky omens, both foretelling disaster and provoking it. They can also be a warning of approaching rough weather, with some have been described as monstrous in size. The royal standard has changed with history, with Edward 3rd introduced the Fleurs de Lys of France; James 1st the Scottish lion and Irish harp. The present royal standard dates from the accession of Queen Victoria. This Hastings pub carries the standard of King Harold.


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