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The Royal Oak, Havant

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19 Langstone High St, Havant, Hampshire

  • As chains , listeners hear, rattling in the old stone bar, a ghostly woman, dressed in white, , witnesses have seen, gliding through the Royal Oak. Nearby in the village, a very tall, thin man with only one leg, has been spotted and said to be the ghost of a passing preacher of long ago. There are also sounds of a chair being dragged along stone tiles in the bar. Dogs bark at mysterious sights, with some customers have felt pressure on their necks while sleeping here. The ghost, , locals knew, as ‘Woman in White’ is thought to have been connected with the bakery that stood next door. This female apparition has been watched for some seconds, before she disappears into the wall of a bedroom. Another elderly man, wearing 18th century clothing, , witnesses have seen, to stride from the pub, across the main road and then disappear. The inn is over 500 years old, with built on the harbour wall. The muffled sound of sunken church bells is occasionally heard coming from below the sea outside the pub. This is not from some deserted village buried below the waves. However, said to be from the English Civil War. At that time, church bells were hidden to prevent the Parliamentarian troops from taking them and melting them down.


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