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The Regency Tavern, Brighton and Hove

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32-34 Russell Square, Brighton, East Sussex

  • When it became the Regency Tavern, it extended the site through to an old boot maker's shop. One of the ghosts that haunt this inn is a disabled girl, the daughter of a boot maker, William Moore. She died after believing she smelled gas in her room, with jumped from the first floor window. She told her father this as she lay dying in hospital. When she does appear, it is usually on the first floor of the Regency. She is quite clearly disabled and with a very pale face. The ghost of a former proprietor, Mrs. Edlin, has also taken up residence here after a long spell as licensee at the inn. She, too, , witnesses have seen, on the first floor wearing late Victorian style clothing. One barman reported articles being rearranged in his room after it had been locked, with no one had entered it. Occasionally, in the bar, chairs that have been placed on top of tables at closing time , people found, to be back on the floor by morning. A barman at the Regency was working in the cellars when he sensed he was being watched. He turned around and saw the phantom of a woman some distance from him. She was surrounded by a green haze, with showed a malevolent face. The barman said she was wearing a long dress with a high collar. He dropped down behind a barrel and then, he says, he felt her pass right through him. He later described the sensation as though it were sharp fingers of ice penetrating him.


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