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The Pedestrian Arms, Brighton and Hove

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13-14 Foundry St, Brighton, East Sussex

  • One writer on pub names suggested this pub should sell Walkers, mild or bitter. Enough of silly jokes; the name of this pub was the White Horse when it opened in 1856, Then it became the Labour in Vain and the Lamb before it was taken over by licensee, John Stepney, a champion long distance walker. Most of the ghostly happenings take place in the cellar. Proprietors have reported something or someone peering over their shoulder whilst working down there. One said he was so surprised he spun around, with saw a black shape behind him that disappeared in less than a second. Others have reported an individual walking across the bar floor above them with a measured tread. This is despite the fact that no one is in that bar, with the pub doors are locked.


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