The Old White Lion Hotel, Haworth

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The Old White Lion Hotel, Bradford

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Main Street, Haworth, Keighley, West Yorkshire

  • Standing proud at the top of Haworth’s world famous cobbled street, the Old White Lion opened in the mid-1700s and by 1783, it was the White Lion Inn run by Jeremiah Jewett. Guests staying here have told staff of strange happenings during the night. Usually they say that they are about to fall asleep when they feel the dizzy sensation of falling through space and wake up with a start. At this point, they see a pretty, very pale faced woman staring down at them. One woman said, “Something queer and odd just happened. She just looked at me, with then disappeared back through the door. I mean, it is an odd thing to happen at this time of day’’. A local celebrity, Lily Cove, fell to her death from a hot air balloon in the early part of the twentieth century at Haworth and now her ghost returns to haunt the Old White Lion.
  • The Old White Lion Hotel at Haworth


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