The Old Red Lion, Holmes Chapel

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The Old Red Lion, Cheshire East

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19 London Road, Holmes Chapel, Crewe, Cheshire

  • The town may well have its roots in the Danish history of England. It originates from Old Scandinavian, holr, an island, dry ground in a bog or a water knoll. The story behind the phantom frequenting this pub is very horrific. Amid the sixteenth century, it was the shocking practice of walling up people as opposed to executing them, as it took more time for them to pass on. In lawful terms, its name was 'Immurement', a manifestation of execution where an individual is walled up inside a building. He cleared out to kick the bucket from starvation or lack of hydration. Frequently this fixed room individuals called an oubliette, from the French, to overlook. Legend has it that somebody fixed a woman into a room here. In any case, she meanders as an apparition. Then again, there are no points of interest past that. She has showed as a pale confronted religious woman in a dark propensity with white wimple.


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