The Old Nuns Head, Southwark

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The Old Nuns Head, Southwark

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15 Nunhead Green, London, Greater London

  • First licensed in the reign of Henry 8th, it is one of the oldest pubs in London. It is on the site of a nunnery, suppressed by the same king. The King’s Commissioners went to the Mother Superior and gave her an order of expulsion. However, she resisted the intruders. During the violent disturbance, she expired, with her head left on a pikestaff on the nearby green “For all to see and tremble at the might of the zealous monarch’’. Another account is that she had been caught kissing the king, with had been murdered to maintain her silence. Since 1971, there have been reports of swishing curtains in the saloon bar, with a pale faced nun in black apparel appears. She is the ghost of Mother Superior, Elizabeth Barton, recognised from old portraits. On one occasion, a conference room here was left locked. Later, the door to that room someone found open with an ancient iron key in the lock. A locksmith said it would be impossible to unlock the door with that key since it was so brittle, it would have snapped.


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