The Old Bell Hotel, Malmesbury

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The Old Bell Hotel, Wiltshire

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Abbey Row, Malmesbury, Wiltshire

  • A truly impressive building with history from the 13th century, it was at one time the palace of the Abbot of Malmesbury. Over a century ago, during building renovation, the skeleton of a woman someone found who had been buried in a vertical position. Now her ghost , witnesses see, about the hostelry. However, it is always standing still before vanishing in a misty grey cloud. This ghost was witnessed by a priest who was staying here. He reported that she was dressed in a 17th century gown that reached the floor. At the time, she had a most distressed look. The portrait of this woman hangs in the restaurant. However, no one knows who she was. Another ghost, the Grey Lady, has also , witnesses saw, flitting about inside the Old Bell. However, Witnesses see her moving at a rapid pace in the gardens outside. Witnesses see her to emerge from a privet hedge, with then glide back into it. The odd thing is that the hedge will not nurture branches or leaves at the point where she manifests.


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