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The New Inn, Mid Sussex

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74-76 High Street, Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex

  • A rather exotic phantom has taken up residence here, leaving the aroma of a good cigar in the cellars. Whoever it is, can be naughty at times, with glasses and bottles have leapt from shelves. On one occasion, a leather strip of horse brasses came away from a hook, with landed several feet away on a table. A former proprietor was working in the garden and heard an explosion in the bar. He rushed inside to find an ashtray had broken into eight exact triangles of glass. This happened again two weeks later. However, again it is without explanation. A local couple, having a drink in the pub, were astounded to see a light bulb drop from its fixture onto the ground. It stayed alight all the way down until it smashed. A drayman working, at the pub, told of the ghost of a man that he saw walking through the cellars. The drayman watched him all the way across, until the dark grey suited apparition disappeared into a wall behind beer barrels.


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