The Mcorville Inn, Elwick

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The Mcorville Inn, Hartlepool

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The Green, Elwick, Hartlepool, County Durham

  • Once, locals knew this pub as the Fox. Hounds, it was given its present name after a horse called McOrville, the son of Orville who won the 1802 St Leger. It has a history from the 1600s. Some reports think that it is on the site of a previous pub. There is much in the way of ghosts haunting the pub. This includes one proprietor who keeled over dead in the bar. It was not noticed for some time. People assumed he was drunk, with stepped over him. One bedroom exhibits ghostly manifestations. These include a ghostly figure that rattles beds. He also pulls bedclothes off sleeping people. The old stable block was once a brick-working factory, with a boy expired when a pile of bricks fell that crushed him. Frequently, witnesses see the ghostly outline of a child’s hand, on one of the bricks of the building. A psychic investigation team visited, with contact was made with the ghost of a woman with a centre parting in her hair. Another encounter was made with a long dead woman who was extremely attractive, with had been called Sarah. During this investigation, the paranormal team further contacted the ghost of Gus, a five years old boy killed by a horse in the 1940s.


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