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The Mash Tun, Brighton and Hove

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1 Church Street, Brighton, East Sussex

  • It is an ancient pub name and from the times when they brewed beer on the premises. A mash tun was filled with several feet of milled malt and hot liquor poured on to make porridge like stew. This was later run off and used in making the beer. During the First World War, the property owner was Martha Boxell, when it locals knew it as the Volunteer. This was for the barracks and quarters, which had once been opposite. Mrs Boxell has not left the pub, with still there as one of the resident ghosts. Proprietors in their bedrooms have had strong feelings they were being watched, although no one was visible. The Mash Tun is plagued by a poltergeist that throws items about, rips out light bulbs and commits general mayhem. One proprietor had all his clothes spirited away from a closed bedroom wardrobe, with thrown down a staircase. There have been sights of Mrs Boxell, over many years, with sReports claim that to be behind these paranormal incidents.


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