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The Little Angel, Scarborough

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18 Flowergate, Whitby, North Yorkshire

  • Above the harbour, the Little Angel has stood for many years and is set at an inelegant position. This has come about because of previous properties being demolished, with leaving the building standing alone. The real age of the pub was indicated by one of these adjacent houses. The walls this pub are three feet thick. In the next building , people found, ancient frescoes. These depicted religious and seagoing themes from the 12th century. It is also possible that it was part of an old Whitby castle. The Angel has been a pub name since the medieval period, reflecting the connection between religious establishments and travellers’ hostels. It exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include a curious ghost, simply head and shoulders, seen from outside at a small window on the second floor. Occasionally, over the years, this ghost , witnesses have seen, striding along a corridor. He is wearing a long grey jacket and holding a wooden cross in one hand.


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