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The Little Angel, Wokingham

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Remenham Lane, Remenham, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire

  • An old legend at this pub is of a woman, Mary Blandy, who murdered her father with escaped to Remenham. From numerous accounts, her ghost is still in residence here. Locals, to haunt the nearby lanes on a phantom white horse, also say Mary Blandy. She was in love with a married man. Her parents disapproved, so she poisoned her father at Blandy House, Henley. Blandy escaped to the Little Angel, where she had a friend, with hid out for some time whilst being sought by the authorities. Authorities arrested her here. After her trial, the authorities hanged her at Oxford in 1752. At the Little Angel, apparitions with chills have marked her returning to where she had taken refuge. Since then, an author wrote a play about her life. Her trial was at the Kenton Theatre, Henley-on-Thames, on several occasions. Then, most curious things have occurred here. Employees think that she still haunts that theatre. Witnesses see her, as a solid shape at the rear of the stalls wearing a white dress with an 18th century style hat. Once, when members of the cast were discussing her, a cup leapt up from a table a good six inches. It then smashed onto the ground. She also haunts the part of Oxford where authorities hanger her in public.


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