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The Lilley Arms, North Hertfordshire

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West Street, Lilley, Bedfordshire

  • Once called the Sugar Loaf, the Lilley Arms is home to the ghost of ‘Old Tom’, who makes regular appearances in the pub. Staff and customers have had fleeting glimpses of him before he vanishes. This is the ghost of a former proprietor, Tom Connisbee, with there is still a seat in the bar called ‘Tom’s Chair’. The building is also home to two female apparitions. One is an old cleaner and the other is a woman whose name begins with ‘F’. In one ghostly incident, a proprietor knocked over a bowl of walnuts. She turned away and from behind her, she heard a series of taps and clicks. When she looked around, she found the nuts had been arranged in a straight line. The Lilley Arms dates from 1705 as a coaching inn.


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