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The Kremlin Inn, Shropshire

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Clee Hill, Ludlow, Shropshire

  • What a super and exceptional name for a pub that is the most noteworthy one in Shropshire at 1400 feet above ocean level. On a crisp morning, there is a perspective in excess of seven areas. Really, the reason is not far-removed. There is no high ground between Clee Hill and the Urals and a high radio pole stood close-by. Subsequently, the spooky qualities of Radio Moscow resounded into the pub's TV and phones. At one time, Its name was the Craven Arms and, preceding that, a previous quarry-expert's home. The Kremlin shows spooky indications. These incorporate unusual sounds and figures as dark shapes amid the night. There is likewise legend of a vast dark puppy that frequents the encompassing slopes.


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