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The Kings Head, South Cambridgeshire

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19 High Street, Sawston, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

  • Very nearly at the middle of the town, the King's Head is an early Victorian expanding on two stories. It is a pink washed block building dominated by a tremendous tree. The seventeenth century joke on the Stuart sovereignty was the point at which a retainer asked which hostelry to utilize when going to a specific town. He was exhorted that the 'Lord's Arms' was constantly full. In any case, the 'Ruler's Head' was unfilled. It has been a well-known hotel name for a considerable length of time. The typical head is that of Henry eighth. Then again, signboards all through the nation show no less than eight different rulers. There were two men in dull Victorian style garments. A youthful maidservant frequents this pub. She shows up close to a chimney with wears a mobcap. She has a sackcloth overskirt.


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