The Kings Arms, East Molesey

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The Kings Arms, Richmond upon Thames

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2 Lion Gate, Hampton Court Road

  • It is a noble inn. It backs on to Hampton Court Palace that has almost as many ghosts as the palace itself. At some time in the past at the Kings Arms, a young boy found his mother had hanged herself and he jumped from a second floor window. The sad youth died from his injuries. That window was bricked up shortly afterwards. His ghost manifest in the garden of the pub, with he is dressed in an early 19th century style of dress. One of the cellars exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include a woman, thought to be the mother of the boy who had committed suicide. A broken chair rests on its side in the cellar. However, every now and again, it rights into an upright position. Reports maintain to be the chair from which the sad woman had stepped, with a rope around her neck. When found in an upright position employees have put it on its side again. However, shortly afterwards it rights itself. Frequently the image of a grey haired elderly woman appears from an upstairs bedroom. However, when the room is checked, it is empty. A poltergeist is active several times a week throwing salt and pepper pots and even a candlestick
  • The Kings Arms at East Molesey


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