The Kangaroo Inn, Aston on Clun

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The Kangaroo Inn, Shropshire

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Clun Rd, Aston on Clun, Shropshire

  • It would be simple to suppose the name of this pub was by an Australian licensee, an assumption made by several writers of pub books. However, in this case, it was after the SS Kangaroo, with a mast from that ship people used in part of this pub. The SS Kangaroo was a 19th century Atlantic cable- laying vessel, with the captain was a relation of the then licensees. Originally built in 1740, the Kangaroo became a coaching inn a century later. There are some most attractive windows, with a rounded top to each casement. These are reminiscent of the Dering Windows of Pluckley, Kent. During the English Civil War, Sir Edward Dering escaped through one such shaped window. A psychic investigator reported that a small girl, who had died in one bedroom, was still haunting it. That room , observers describe, as being sensed as very cold and unhappy. One ghost that haunts the Kangaroo people hear entering through the front door and go into the snug. Reporters have heard him heavily moving about. However, when staff members look in, the room is empty.


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