The Jerusalem Tavern, Islington

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The Jerusalem Tavern, Islington

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55 Britton Street, Finsbury (EC1), Central London, Greater London

  • In the 12th century, a priory stood here and the name Jerusalem, connected with that priory, gave rise to the pub name. It was at one time a townhouse in the early 1700s. The area was home to watch and clock makers. Later, Ikey Solomons ran his gang of vicious child thieves. Solomons was the inspiration for the character of Fagin. It was also in this area that the first gay pubs appeared, , locals knew, as ‘Mollies’ for working class homosexuals. One of the most infamous was Mother Clap’s Molly House where she rented out dresses to men, with recruited rent boys. Thomas Britton, a local coalman and fine opera singer. He gave concerts here. His ghost haunts the building. Britton’s ghost has not been frequently seen. However, his voice, accompanied by a harpsichord, has many times been heard.


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